The school fees

Here you can learn about the fees of the School of Witchcraft. You can attend the regular school with all components included or you can also order each component separately if you like.
We recommend the regular school because then you will get the complete package which is also cheaper than seperately ordered components.


Regular School

Each module of the regular school includes:

  • Script,
  • Examination paper,
  • Online-Course and
  • Access to the virtual classroom for the duration of the course plus 2 months

Per module € 179,-


Single components

The single components are generally included in the regular school. We only offer the possibility to make the courses more individual, for example by pausing the course but still keeping access to the virtual school or repeating a course etc.

Online Course Repetition:

Repetition of an online course already finished before per module € 39,-

Witchbook access extension:

extent the access to the Witchbook for additional 2 months € 15,-

Examination papers:

Examination paper at the end of each module per module € 70,-
Final exam of the whole school including support during writing your final paper free

Exercise Courses in Austria:

Each course (2 days) per participant € 250,-


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