Single Courses – Laying Tarot cards


Oracle apprenticeship, card reading and especially the Tarot are part of the contents of Module 2 of the School of Witchcraft.
Tarot is a little part of oracle apprenticeship, which we’d like to teach you in 3 Single Courses.

After each of these courses you’ll know a part of the whole subject and you will already be able to use a part of the Tarot deck to read the cards.
This means that after the first tarot course you can already read the cards and the further you proceed, the larger your interpretation possibilities will become.
So during the first course you can already imagine what tarot can be used for and how much you can learn from it!

In our courses we use the Rider-Waite-Tarotdeck. Please provide yourself with this tarot deck before you start the courses. You can buy it at a book store nearby or at Amazon.


Tarot 1: The Major Arcana

During this course you learn the basics and function of the tarot. Afterwards we deal with the 22 cards containing major arcana. Using these you will learn to lay the cards in a special way and interprete them before you occupy yourself more detailed with this topic.

Learn to read tarot cards with the major arcana within 2 weeks for € 49,-


Tarot 2: The Minor Arcana

This course deals especially with the minor Arcana which consists of 56 cards. You learn different interpretations in many examples and exercises and integrate the minor arcana into the deck you already know, the major arcana, from the first tarot course.

Learn to read tarot cards with the complete deck within 7 days for € 39,-


Tarot 3: Laying patterns

This course especially deals with the different laying patterns. Which laying patterns do exist, when and for which purposes do you use them, what can they tell you and how do you design your own pattern.

Learn to read tarot cards with the complete deck using different laying patterns within 7 days for € 39,-



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