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Our school is a distance-learning school. So there is no building and no students who could be filmed or taken pictures of. In case you want a video documentation you can contact Reuters (in English) or WDR „Quarks & Co.“ (in German).
For newspaper journalists we offer the following pictures which can be downloaded for free by clicking on the small preview picture.


January: Press Information

Abracadabra and broomflying or real inauguration in magic knowledge? 

No broomflying but a lot of exciting things can be learned at Europe’s School of Witchcraft 

20 years ago Europe’s first School of Witchcraft has opened its doors.
In the meantime about 200 students from all over the world have been trained in magic subjects. Oracles, laying tarot cards, giving astrological advice, creating potions, watching the aura, feeling life energy, collecting herbs, doing rituals and much more are the subjects taught at the School of Witchcraft.
The main principle of the school is to demystify and explain, why and how something really works. Because there is nothing mystical at all and so nothing to believe in but to understand!
„Everything we teach can be explained by scientific methods from natural sciences and psychology“ says Andreas Starchel, teacher and one of the founders of the school. „And everything we do we also explain in a very easy way so that everyone can understand and prove it on his/her own“.

The school however has no building and no parking place for brooms you might suppose. It is rather an online school with virtual classrooms and a private social network.
During the courses you get a script and additional features like videos, audio guides and a lot of further articles which will lead you through the whole online course. You will meet other witches online and maybe become friends for life.
Of course the team of the school always supports the students and helps when questions or problems occur.
„Together we celebrate the grand witch-festivities like Halloween or Beltane by doing rituals together with all our students all over the world! This is always fascinating because there’s such a lot of awesome energy arising, everyone of the participants can actually feel!“ tells Starchel.

The courses are designed so that they can be easily done in addition to work, studies or family.
„During the week there are only a few things to do whereas during the weekends we try to do the exercises outside in nature, where witches actually belong to“, says Starchel. „We also try to include family members in our activities if it’s possible, so that the education can also be a „together-familiy-time“.
However, a serious education also needs serious learning because only „Practice makes a perfect witch“ 🙂

The education consists of 7 modules which can be done in German or English. Each module lasts about 3 up to 6 months depending on the special subject. Each module ends with a little exam.
Having collected all 7 module exams the students write a little thesis and get the diploma after the final examination.
„A lot of our students are already working in consultative businesses and are doing the education in addition. But there are also a lot who are doing it just for fun during their leisure time and at last get to know a lot of exciting things about their own lives and the universe they would never have expected before. Because life is much more as we actually can see!

The next courses start on the 16th of February 2019. Interested people should enroll soon to get an available spot. Further information about the school and registration you can find online at or by writing an e-mail to:

Press-telephone in German language: +43-699-11418866

Further information at:
Verein Culstar
Klabundgasse 6
9020 Klagenfurt / Österreich
phone.: +43-699-11418866 (here we are talking English, too)

All pictures © by Culstar e.V.:

Hexenschule Österreich Pflanzenkunde.jpg
Herbology at the School of Witchcraft

Hexenschule Österreich Erdernergien.jpg
Water and Energy Dowsing

Hexenschule Österreich Kartenlegen.jpg
Oracles and Tarot: Reading the cards

Hexenschule Österreich Alchemie.jpg

Hexenschule Österreich Runenmeditation.jpg
Rune meditation

Hexenschule Österreich Astronomie.jpg
Astronomic Exercises

Hexenschule Österreich Orakelsteine.jpg
Oracle stones with rune symbols

Hexenschule Österreich Erdungsübungen.jpg
Earthing exercises – European meditation

Hexenschule Österreich Tränke brauen.jpg
Creating magic potions

Hexenschule Österreich Körperenergien.jpg
Dowsing the body’s energies

Hexenschule Österreich Rituale.jpg
Pure joie de vivre during witch rituals

Hexenschule Österreich Andreas Starchel.jpg
Andreas Starchel – the leader of the school with the school cat „Freya“


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