Terms of Business

The Terms of Business


Culstar School of Witchcraft
is a registrated non-profit association of Austrian law.
The fees you have paid are used to pay our expenses. The remaining money is used to finance our research which finally benefits our students and course participants by a better quality. The fee you have paid is a donation to our association.

Right of Withdrawal
According to law there is the possibility to withdraw an internet buying within 14 days. Since all the course material used in our online school, the single scripts and our meditation CD can be copied they are excluded from the right of withdrawal! (all rights reserved by Culstar e.V.)
Withdrawal from a module is therefore only possible before the start of the course.

Conditions of Delivery
Delivery is done within 2-3 days after order in case the products are storing. If the delivery is delayed we will inform you by email or fax (e.g. there are only 2 or 3 ideal astrologic constellations for producing talismans or amuletts)
The shipping fees are added to the terms as agreed and so depend on the way of shipping (mail, express,…). For clarification of the costs we will contact you by email.

Because we are no commercial company but a non profit association there is no legal duty to issue a guarantee.
In case any damages happen during transportation (broken CDs or talismans) they will as a matter of course be substituted.
The legal conditions of a „private selling“ are valid.

„External Sellings“
When you order books, tarot cards or star maps etc. you are directly forwarded to an internet company (e.g. Amazon). In this case the terms of business of the external company are valid which cannot be influenced by us.

Your dates are NEVER passed to third parties. They are exclusively used for communication between yourself and Culstar e.V.

The registration to the school’s modules, online courses and single courses can only be done by using the online registration form or our registration form sent by conventional mail. At any other kind of registration (email, phone, letter,…) the registrating person accepts the terms of business automatically.
The participant number at online courses and exercise courses is limited. So the registrations will be collected in incoming order of the registration forms (stamp or date of incoming online registration) and the incoming fee. Since the day of the registration (also when taking the school’s single scripts) the student is registrated as a part-time-member at our association for 6 months. This membership doesn’t cause any further obligation for the student.
When registrating the person accepts the terms of business completely.
The decision about admission to the school is made by the board of the association. We reserve the right to exclude persons from participation in our courses without giving reasons. If an exclusion occurs during an ongoing module, the course fee will be adequately refunded.


Partner Program
The partner program is valid solely for the following persons:

  • Spouse
  • Living companion
  • Son or daughter of full age
  • Mother or father

Terms of payment
The participation fee has to be payed by bank transfer. After the participation fee has arrived at our bank account the online course will be activated for the participant. Single courses work the same way. As soon as the fee has arrived at our bank account the course will be activated. At local courses a written verification about the payment has to be shown to the teacher or to the management of the school of witchcraft (e.g. at exercising courses here in Austria). All fees in EURO.

School of Witchcraft and single scripts:
Printed work (like e.g. the scripts) and media (like e.g. the meditation cd) cannot be changed or returned because of the possibility of copying.

Local Courses:
You can cancel your registration in a written way until at least 14 days before the start of the course (stamp or date of incoming email). In case of a cancellation after this time limit but before the start of the course we charge a 50% cancellation fee of the course fee. In case of not participating without any information or dropping out, the whole course fee will be charged. If a substitute is nominated no charge has to be payed.

Course dropouts
If the course drops out because of a disease or another urgent cause of the teacher/s:
– the course will take place on another day
– the course will be lead by another teacher
– the course will be cancelled and the fee will be refunded
In case of the dropout of a participant the missed time cannot be made up.

Liability claims against the Hexenschule Culstar e. V., which refer to damages of any kind caused by the use or non-use of the presented information or by the use of incorrect and incomplete information, are basically excluded.

When a module exam was succesfully finished the participant gets a written efficiency statement of the certain module which can be used as a part of the Venefica Certification. These certificates are archived until the end of training and then sent collectively to the student by regular mail. In the meantime, the student will receive a copy of the certificate by e-mail. If the training is interrupted, the individual module certificates can be requested in advance.

Course fee
The course fee includes expenses and donations to benefit the association.

All copyrights for the scripts reserved. Unauthorized copying prohibited.
Alterations of any kind are reserved by Culstar. The scripts are written in German or English language. We accept no responsibility for any effects caused by our methods (especially for the USA).

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